Exclusive Laundry Products
Rome Conveyors, partnered with Roach Conveyors, is the premiere provider of material handling equipment solutions to the laundry industry
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Exclusive Rome Conveyors Laundry Products

Washer/Dryer Unloading 450-1000lb Heavy Duty Conveyors

Easily unload 450-1200 lb laundry loads from washers or dryers to manual distribution or sling loading with our Heavy Duty Conveyors. This product is available with an Incline Design (pictured) for end loading or Level Horizontal Design for side loading of up to eight machines and lengths up to 100ft with a single drive. The optional full-length belting edge guards prevent product entanglement under belting. Features 796 conveyor roller belt for reduced material friction and heavy-duty, crescent-top, monofilament laundry-rated belting for easy tracking and long life. 39″ to 51″ model width allows for high capacity storage. Weight capacity of 450-1200 lbs. Stainless side guards are also available as an option.

Rome Conveyors 800 lb Heavy Duty Loose Goods Laundry Shuttle

Easily unload 600-1000 lb laundry loads from washers and loaded into 600-800 lb dryers with our Heavy Duty Loose Goods Laundry Shuttle. Stainless steel side guards with flared loading areas move material efficiently. Full-length belting edge guards prevent product entanglement under belting. Features 796 conveyor roller bed for reduced material friction and heavy-duty crescent-top monofilament laundry-rated belting. High capacity 54″ x 18′ storage bed allows for material staging. Easy loading and unloading via 72″ extend retract travel with safety bumpers. Rail travel speed 50-100 FPM. Product features discharge end photelectric. Fixed stationary operator riding platform ensures operator safety. Dry weight capacity of 800 lbs and rated to load 1200 lbs.

Laundry Bagger Feeder Sling Load Conveyors

Loose linen loads weighing 300-600 lbs are loaded into a 24″ high hopper. Belt guards and deflectors prevent laundry from tangling in the belt or falling from the conveyor. Raised crescent nodules on the belt provide grip to move laundry up an incline.

Flatwork Take Away Conveyors

Flatwork conveyors, fed from ironer / folders, are available for quick shipments in lengths from 8 ft to 150 ft with a single drive. With the addition of 138G gravity accumulators mounted on the discharge end, loads can either be buffered in the operator loading area or a custom designed carousel system, which allows for continuous circulation in the delivery staging area. Belt Sizes are available from 12” to 48” widths and speeds from 40 to 90 FPM. Belting options are available in smooth black or white with optional ultra-low friction slick top for easily sliding and repositioning of folded stacks. Controls available for single or variable speeds. Many sizes can ship in 1-2 days.

Flatwork Turning Conveyors

Easily transport materials between conveyors with our Flatwork Turning Conveyors. Cylindrical end rollers provide seamless integration to and from adjacent conveyors. Custom 90-degree design allows for parallel drive shaft integration, reducing interference between conveyors. High density end roller pucks absorb sound and reduce noise as lacing approaches the end of the belt. Custom square-turn curves have no uneven gaps, eliminating pinch points for safer operation and material handling.


Rome Conveyors proudly distributes FLOW-TURN Power 90 Degree Flatwork Conveyors in various widths and sizes to meet nearly any need. For more information about custom sizing and models, click here.

Laundry Cart Dumper

Laundry cart dumper for standard 72P & 84P size carts. 2000lb lift capacity hydraulic dumping. Cycle times less than 30 seconds. Custom cart sizes available upon request.

5 HP hydraulic system, available 208/230/460 3ph. Cart dumper includes standard up/down push button controls or automatic. Rear safety gates available with controls interface upon request. Dimensional specifications available upon request.

7′ Diameter Medium Duty Flatwork Distribution Turntable

Folded linen loads are deposited from a conveyor onto this medium duty 7′ diameter turntable. This turntable is used in the flatwork area, where clean linens are staged for delivery, allowing 3-4 workers easy access without compromising plant space. Stainless steel top surface and side guards provide quick movement for staging. Turntable features emergency pull cord along the entire base for safe usage.

12′ Diameter Heavy Duty Mat Turntable

Heavy loads weighing from 800-1000 lbs are conveyed onto a 12′ diameter Heavy Duty Turntable for distribution to 3-4 operators. Turntable is typically used to distribute floor mats from washing and drying to roll-up machines to prepare for delivery. Center cone eliminates dead area and allows operator to reach product easily. Centerless drive with friction drive wheel on outer perimeter eliminates chains and drive sprockets and prevents laundry from tangling. The circular distribution area can store loads normally requiring a 25’ foot-long conveyor, resulting in more plant space.

Ironer/Folder Feeder Sling Loaded Conveyors

Loose laundry loads weighing up to 400lbs are sling loaded into 36″ deep hopper conveyor then conveyed for ease of operators, loading linen into ironer / folders. Attached knock-down bars ensure laundry remains on the belt while belt guards and deflectors prevent laundry from tangling under belting. Conveyors are caster mounted for ease of movement by operators for the best ergonomic placement to reduce operator fatigue and for convenient access by maintenance personnel when ironer/folders require service. Raised crescent nodules provide grip to move laundry up an incline. These conveyors are available with foot switch control and in four various sizes: 7′ ft, 10′ ft, 12′ ft, and 14′ ft.

Elevated Sorting Platforms

Elevated sorting platforms allow operators to access upper sections of large product and deposit laundry loads from conveyors into sort containers. Platform is available in any elevation, width, or length required by sorting belt. Hand rails facing conveyors are lowered for ease of operators and are OSHA compliant. Walking platform features special, grip paint for operator safety during wet conditions.

Walkovers & Crossovers

Walkovers allow personnel a safe passage over a conveyor line.